Minute School Class Rep

Class Reps are key to Minute School being able to help students succeed. Class reps help by making sure exam dates and course material is accurate. Being a class rep is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get better grades, and to help others get better grades!

We are looking for class reps for people in these courses at the University of Waterloo:

ECON 101, PSYCH 101, STAT 231, BIOL 130, ECE 106, PSYCH 292, BIOL 239, PHYS 111 MATH 127, MATH 137

What’s your role?

  • With help from Minute school staff; show Minute School to others in your class
  • Communicate with Minute School staff to make sure course info is correct and exam dates are accurate

What you get?

  • $25-100 Amazon gift card based on results at end of term
  • Free access to Minute School’s platform for a year ($60 value)
  • Minute school swag to keep and hand out
  • Marketing experience (looks good on resume for co-op or future jobs) plus Minute School frequently hires Waterloo co-op students

Time Estimate

  • 1-5 extremely flexible hours throughout term

Who are you?

  • You are an undergraduate student in one of the above courses
  • You are organized and reliable
  • You are outgoing
  • You frequently attend class

How do I apply?

  • Fill out this google form! It takes about 5 minutes to fill, no need for a resume or cover letter
  • Applications are due by the end of reading week, February 24, but we want to start ASAP so don’t delay, otherwise the roll might be filled for your class


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