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The MinuteCyber platform allows you to create and edit cybersecurity courses, create email templates and question banks to test your team members knowledge, evaluate progress, and much more.

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Easy To Use

Our visual editor makes it easy for anyone to create and update training materials, unlocking content as team members need it.


Use the technology you already have. Deliver your training modules any time and anywhere.


Let our intelligence engine deliver the content individuals need on the technology available, adaptive for location, and language.



In the Create function, you can create cybersecurity training courses, as well as create email templates and question banks to test your team members knowledge.


With support from the MinuteCyber team, you can create cybersecurity courses with various content types. Populate your courses with text content, images, sample questions, and more. 


In the Engage function, you can create and launch cybersecurity email tests that sends sample phishing emails to an audience of your choice.


In the Reports function, you can view team member progress and easily identify areas for improvement. 

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