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Test Yourself

Test Yourself

Studies show that one of the best ways to solidify understanding in preparation for exams is to study using practice questions. When students test their knowledge and receive explanations and feedback when they get answers wrong, they perform better during high pressure situations such as exams.

PhD Approved

PhD Approved

While student made materials are helpful, it is important that study materials are checked for correctness. The best materials come with the approval of PhDs, who have taken many years to gain a full understanding of topics.

Practice Everyday

Practice Everyday

Many students try to cram for exams. However, it has been proven that studying in shorter stints over a long period of time can increase overall retention. Taking time to study over a longer period of time and constantly reviewing materials makes for better end results through increased recollection.

We know that to get admitted to medical school, you need a GPA above 3.5.

That’s why our pre-med courses include the core science courses you need, as well as some courses to help boost your overall GPA.

Our Pre-Med Courses Include:

Practice questions, video lessons, and AI assessed feedback for the following courses:

Introductory Psychology
General Chemistry 1
Calculus 1
Introductory Cell Biology
Introductory Physics 1
Organic Chemistry 1


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