Choose Philosophy, Choose Yourself

I am a Biology major pursuing a minor in Philosophy.

I am sure the question plagues your mind and haunts your sleep: But why?

What would possess a Science major to allocate...

Growth and Proficiency

Confirmation hearings have dominated news in the past few days and one in particular has made headline. Betsy DeVos's hearing to be Secretary of Education has made headlines by failing to answer a basic question on education...

Five Tips for Learning a New Language

At the beginning, learning a new language may seem a bit overwhelming. However, as you progress and improve, you soon realize that it is really fun! The key to learning a new language is to expose yourself to the language...

Struggling with Sleep

Lack of sleep has been correlated to a decrease in grades. A 2015 study found that: "increasing sleep by one hour was associated with an increase of 11% on course grade."

As the title suggests, I struggle...

New Term? Hit Refresh

New Year days, birthdays, and the first day of term (a personal favourite).

Though we acknowledge that these dates are arbitrary, their novelty still incites us to better ourselves.

On the morning of the New Year, one’s birthday, or the...

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