At a startup we spend quite a bit of time dealing with uncertainty, whether it be with data we do not have or a lack of understanding in a particular area. Both of the aforementioned problems can be resolved through research or finding the people who have a better understanding than ourselves. Sometimes, though, there are uncertainties that cannot be resolved as neatly and it makes it more difficult to plan for the future. The result of the election last week has the potential to have a profound impact on education in America; if only we knew the specifics.

The fact is that there are nebulous goals stated by President-elect Trump and until there are details we simply do not know what the impact shall be. There have been statements about increasing access to two year and four year degrees as well as reducing the cost of obtaining either degree. Unfortunately, there are no specifics and this means greater uncertainty for students that are wanting to attend higher education. Should they try and attend now? Can they afford to wait? Will the costs be reduced and to what degree?

The answers to these questions are important to us so that we can better serve students in their goals for academic and professional success. For now, we too are in a wait and see position.

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