The term, the year, and the decade has come to an end. The time has passed quickly on all accounts. But this last semester, we were very fortunate to have Hayley and Courtney as part of the Minute School team. It is hard to believe their time with us has finished. Here is what they had to say about their work term with Minute School.

Working at Minute School for my first co-op term has been a great opportunity to develop skills in marketing, content creation and advertising. In the start-up environment, I was encouraged to develop my problem solving skills and actively develop solutions to any difficulties we faced. I was given the autonomy to bring my own ideas to fruition through various projects and be creative with my work. My favourite part of working at Minute School was the atmosphere. I enjoyed coming into work each day to collaborate and learn from my coworkers. Thank you to everyone at Minute School for an awesome term! – Courtney

Working at Minute School for my second co-op term has been an awesome experience. I have learned so much over the course of this work term, from important marketing and advertising skills to random (but super interesting) facts. It was amazing to have so much autonomy over the projects that I worked on and to be able to switch between projects frequently. There was very little boundary between what I could and I couldn’t work on as a co-op, which was something I have really enjoyed. As someone who has never worked in the start-up environment, I really enjoyed the fast-paced and collaborative atmosphere. The Minute School team made sure to make the co-op students feel like valued members of the team. Minute School is an awesome place to work, and I’m definitely going to miss it! – Hayley

Thank you Co-op Team for a wonderful work term. We hope to receive updates on their future plans. Hayley and Courtney – all the best with your endeavours ahead!

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