Starting university and college is an exciting, yet daunting time for all. It’s a new place, with new people, and a completely new way of learning. Simply put, classes at university are vastly different from high school, as you will be expected to be more independent and responsible than ever before. With no one watching over your every move and ensuring you’re attending every class and on time, you have to take this responsibility upon yourself. Thus, to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot, below are some helpful tips on how to prepare for and make the most of your first day of classes.

  • Find your classrooms in advance

Take some time before your first day of classes to find where all your classrooms are, and the quickest way to get to and from them. This way, you’re not frantically searching for them the morning of and can rest easy.

  • Get there about 10 minutes early

Being prompt on your first day of class is very important. It ensures you get a good seat as well as make a good first impression, because there’s nothing worse than strolling in late on your first day of classes. If you show up too early, you can use the time to grab coffee or mingle with your classmates and find some friends to sit with.

  • Check your email and online learning system the night before

There’s a good chance your professors may have emailed you some important information the night before, or posted it on your school’s online learning system. Be sure to check both of these places for things such as required supplies, readings and your syllabi. This way you can be sure you’re showing up to class as prepared as possible.

  • Bring the right supplies

Though the first class usually tends to be just a “Syllabus Day”, there are definitely professors that choose to get started on course work right off the bat. The supplies you need will undoubtedly vary from class to class, but a safe bet on your first day would be to bring along your laptop, a notebook, some pencils and a pen. If you realize in your first few classes that you have professors that provide a large number of handouts, it’s a good idea to organize these handouts in to separate binders or folders.

  • Dress for success

You of course don’t have to be dressed to the nine in your nicest getup, but it helps to dress for the part. A well put together outfit in which you feel confident will result in a better first day.

  • Get a good night’s rest

This may be the most important piece of advice. It may be difficult as you’ll be so full of excitement and nervousness, but being well rested will help you wake up feeling refreshed, focused, and ready to take on the new day.

Hopefully these tips help you have a great first day!

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