We all know how the saying goes: it’s the most wonderful time of the year! We all love to get caught up in the holiday festivities, but no one ever seems to talk about what happens after they’re over. It’s cold outside, the excitement of a white Christmas is over, and it can be very difficult to put an end to this relaxing break and get back to the regular swing of things. It’s easy to get in that post-holiday slump, but here are some tips on how to avoid the winter blues and get motivated again for the New Year.

Find Ways to Get Excited About School

It can be hard getting back into that study mindset after so much fun over the past few weeks! One way to avoid this is to add something to your routine that will get you excited to go back. Whether it’s treating yourself to your favourite hot drink every Friday, stocking up on cute new stationary and writing utensils, buying a planner or starting a new extracurricular activity, find that one addition to your New Year that won’t make going back to studying so bad after all. For example, I’ve been sticking to an exercise routine for a few years now, but I always find it difficult to find that motivation to go to the gym when it’s so cold out. To help me combat the bore of the same old routine, I decided to join a new gym (with a much shorter commute)! This change in setting helped me to get more excited about my modified routine, and trying something new gave me a reason to look forward to my first weeks back.

Slowly Ease Out of Holiday Mode

One way to make getting back to work and school after the break easier is to not fully immerse yourself in intensive work all at once. Try incorporating small things into your first week back like a dinner out with friends, baking that batch of delicious holiday cookies, or letting yourself sleep in a little longer. This way, you won’t be throwing yourself back into a bland schedule right away that will leave you still craving those holiday indulgences.

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

There’s no denying that satisfaction we all feel when we’ve accomplished a goal and have made a step towards bettering ourselves. To keep yourself motivated, try writing down a small list of resolutions for the New Year; ones that you know you can stick to and see improvement on. By working through these resolutions, you’ll feel yourself getting excited about all that you’ve been accomplishing, and can have a whole new sense of pride and confidence going into those first weeks back. Choose whatever resolutions you think will excite you and help you to mix up your regular old routine.

Getting back to work and school after a break is never easy, but using some of these tips can help you to get that motivation back for the New Year. If you’re feeling stressed with the transition, check out these previous blog posts with more details on self-care and stress management. Happy New Year, and Happy New Term! 

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