Countless high school students are currently preparing for writing math tests and exams, and for those in Ontario, the EQAO Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics. After speaking with high school math teachers and our co-op students (who previously wrote standardized math tests and excelled at math throughout high school and university), it became apparent there are two key areas to focus on to be more confident and successful on math tests and exams – preparation and practice. For now, let’s focus on preparing for high school math tests and exams.


When & Where – Take note of the date, time, and location of your test or exam. Check any posted schedules on your school’s website. Find out any details ahead of time from your teachers.

Weather –  If your test or exam is taking place in the winter and/or unsafe weather conditions are expected, stayed tuned to your school’s social media channels and website as well as the local news and weather station for bus cancellations or even possible school closures.

Attendance –  Schools have specific policies and procedures around attendance and absences; know what these are. Ask your teacher or staff at your school, if you are unsure.

Format – Being aware of the format of the test or exam in advance will ensure there are no surprises when it comes to writing it. For example, is the math test or exam focused more on multiple choice questions (such as the EQAO grade 9 math assessment). Knowing the format of the math test or exam may help you with your preparations and studying.

Materials – Find out what can be brought along and used during the test and exam, and what must be kept out of the classroom. If calculators are allowed, make sure you are familiar with it and not using it for the first time in the test or exam.

Sleep – Getting enough sleep is not only important to your overall health and well-being, but your grades. While it might be tempting to stay up and cram the night before, you risk not fully learning the material as well as being too tired to perform on the actual test or exam.

Eat wellHaving a healthy breakfast positively impacts how you recall information and perform on a test or exam. More and more schools now have breakfast and other meal programs, to ensure all students have access to healthy food.

Relaxation – Find ways to de-stress ahead of any tests or exams. Take a study break to do something for yourself. Exercise, music, deep breathing, and visualization are just some examples of how to lessen your stress and relax.

These are just some of the ways to prepare for high school math tests and exams. Share your preparation tips on our social media channels to help your classmates on their next math test or exam. You may want to read our blog post on studying for high school math tests and exams next.

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