Waterloo start-up receives $1.2M to disrupt the education sector

Waterloo, ON – Minute School, a start-up developing a new education platform based on “micro-courses,” has received a $1,200,000 from a local, individual investor to develop a wider course offering and to enhance their technology.

The generous investment will aid in producing a series of foundational high school and first year higher education micro-courses. These courses, covering everything from introductory cell biology to physics, psychology to economics, are offered through a pay-as-you-go format for as little as $5 per course on both mobile and web platforms.

“This investment is tremendous for Minute School; having an experienced investor put their faith in our business gives us an incredible vote of confidence,” says Tushar Singh, Minute School CEO and founder.

“This was a competitive round and we were encouraged that many investors were aligned with our vision and willing to invest. Ultimately, we had to make a decision and we chose to have a local investor on our team as we start to make a difference in the lives of students.”

The idea for Minute School was conceived in May 2016. A few short months later, a skeleton of the product was launched, tested, and iterated upon. Recently, Minute School began launching courses monthly with a plan to reach 20 courses in two years. Their recent releases include a series of free EQAO grade 9 math preparation courses.

“We aim to make our micro-courses low cost and as affordable as possible,” says Singh. “There is a significant benefit to students when they have access to affordable, innovative study tools.”

Minute School is currently looking for more users on the platform so they can better understand a student’s needs when it comes to innovative, online education.

About Minute School Inc.
Minute School is an education technology company based in Waterloo, Ontario focused on helping students achieve academic success. Founded in 2016, Minute School provides free and inexpensive micro-courses and study tools for students preparing for, transitioning into, or in higher education. By combining short lessons, videos, and other content with artificial intelligence, the Minute School platform helps students determine where they should focus their efforts to improve their grades.

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For more information, please contact:
Tushar Singh – Better Marks in Minutes

Minute School Inc.
181 King Street South
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada, N2J 1P7

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