Climate change is a global problem that affects everyone, everywhere.

Celebrated during the month of March every year, the World Wildlife Foundation’s Earth Hour strives to raise awareness on the need for action on climate change. All around the world, millions of people, businesses, landmarks, and monuments switch off their non-essential lights for 1 hour. With over 7,000 cities from 178 countries and territories participating worldwide, this event has become a global movement.

This year, Earth Hour will be held Saturday, March 25 from 8:30-9:30 pm.

In the past couple of years, we have made great progress towards addressing climate change. In 2011, Earth Hour’s 60+ campaign was launched to encourage commitment to climate action beyond 60 minutes. In 2015, the Paris Agreement marked a historic milestone towards international climate action. And bigger things are yet to come…

Moving forward, we must continue to work together to make a lasting environmental impact and build a renewable future.

Join the movement to help #ChangeClimateChange!

This Earth Hour, show your commitment to fighting climate change by turning up the dark and spreading the word!!

The future of our planet is in our hands…let’s make a difference together!

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