Today marks the last day of our winter co-op students’ work term. Anya, Amina, and Ana-Maria were the first three co-op students at Minute School. Their enthusiasm, energy, hard work, ideas, and input have contributed to our mission of helping students succeed academically. I could go on and on about how awesome they are! In one of our recent meetings, I asked them to reflect on their last four months at Minute School. Here is what they had to say.


Working at a new start-up was an interesting experience. We got to wear different hats, for course production, marketing, sometimes giving input on product design. It’s been an awesome learning experience!

I came in not expecting to write blog posts, but once I got started in my routine of writing them, it became one of my favourite parts of the week! Reading the others’ blog posts was also a treat. I read them every day at lunch.

It’s been a *fun* place to work! We had a video game night, we had pie for Pi Day, we had mini Easter Egg hunts around our desks, and even got to launch rockets to celebrate launching our courses!


Creative autonomy is important to me and it’s what surprised me the most about working at Minute School. From Day 1, it was stressed that these were MY courses. On top of that, the fact that I was able to output content of immediate value was amazing for a first co-op. My co-op work directly affected the user on the other side of the screen.

I may have lost my rocket, but I gained a work experience far more valuable than that C-engine flight.


I’m excited to see the impact that the courses I worked on (along with the other courses) will have on a local and global scale. It’s very exciting to know that the courses we’re developing will have a positive impact and help other students achieve success in higher education! I also really liked blogging. I learned a lot about blogging and developed an interest in it, which will hopefully continue in the future!

It is terribly hard to say goodbye to this great group of co-op students. But I hope Anya, Amina, and Ana-Maria will make time in their busy school and extracurricular schedules to join us for future fun events at Minute School. Thank you very much to Anya, Amina, and Ana-Maria for wonderful work term!

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