Most of us spend plenty of time working on improving our physical selves. Whether we do this through working out, making healthier food choices or improving our skills, we all make some sort of effort to do so. Now this is all well and good, but with all this focus on our outside selves, it’s very easy to overlook our inside selves. Forgetting this can be so detrimental, as learning to have deep love and compassion for yourself can provide you with so much more to give back to the world. Learning to love yourself unconditionally and learning to feel whole are continuous processes that take time and effort to grow, but below are some helpful tips to help you start increasing your self-love today.

Add more self-care activities into your routine

Self-care can take countless forms for countless people. Whether it’s taking a spa day, catching a movie you’re excited to see or doing some much needed shopping, self-care involves doing something that makes you happy. It involves taking time to revitalize yourself and care for your mind and body. It can even be things as small as getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water or going for a quick walk. Whichever activities you may choose, just ensure that you are taking the time to make these self-care practices a part of your regular routine.

Take a couple minutes every day to appreciate yourself

As the saying goes, we are our own worst critics. We often focus on the smallest details about ourselves, always viewing them in a negative light. Instead, take a few minutes out of every day to appreciate yourself, either first thing in the morning, or in the evening, before heading to bed.  Take out a journal, or your phone, or even just speak to a mirror, and list at least three things you appreciate about yourself. It can be personality characteristics you appreciate, such as your love for animals or your sense of humor, or it can be something as simple as appreciating that you woke up on time that morning. The important thing is that you’re appreciating yourself fully, and not just focusing on big accomplishments you may achieve once in a while.

Be kinder towards others

Being kind to yourself often starts with being kind to others, because the way you treat others often influences the way you treat and feel about yourself. Do your best to be more mindful about your words and actions, and how they may be affecting those around you. Choose to show more kindness to others through both big or little acts. Check up on a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, surprise a loved one with their favourite food or volunteer your time to a cause you care for. The possibilities of kind actions are endless, but performing them and becoming kinder and more understanding towards others will in turn cause you to become kinder and more understanding towards yourself.

Laugh more

This one may sound silly, but having a good laugh is the perfect mood booster and releases lots of feel good hormones. Take some time in the middle of your day to watch a funny video, or an episode of a funny sitcom, or read a funny story or comic. It sounds simple, but laughing regularly is one of the most effective ways to recharge your inner energy and release any tensions. Putting yourself in a more positive mood this way every day, causes you to be in a mindset to be more positive towards yourself every day.

Now this list is definitely just a start, as there are countless other ways to increase compassion towards yourself, but I hope this helps you progress in your individual self-love journey.

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