As school rapidly approaches, millions of students are preparing for the school year. One of the problems I have faced over the years is going into the school year with a summer mindset, not ready for school and especially not prepared for my classes. Whether you are going to a new school, entering a new grade, or taking an extra year, here are four tips on how to start your school year off right.

Come Prepared

A big issue for students occurring at the start of the school year is a lack of preparation. To make sure that you are ready for school, gather all the supplies you will need throughout the school year during the first couple weeks of school. Coming to class with all the necessary supplies gives you the advantage of not having to scramble for materials at the start of class while trying to listen to the teacher’s lesson. Next, coming to school mentally prepared is so vital, during the summer months too many students easily forget all the material learned in the past years by not reviewing past work.  This is especially relevant for classes like math or science where building on knowledge is so important, I highly recommend reviewing past lessons in the weeks leading up to school. This allows you to build on past knowledge, instead of having to play catch up the entire semester. As well, understanding how much time and effort each class will take, can help you organize your course calendar so that you can focus on the more difficult classes.

Enjoy Your Classes

Looking forward to school each day can be a task in itself, that is why taking classes that you enjoy and are excited for is so important. I understand that in earlier school years there is little to no choice of what classes you have, but once you get to high school especially in the later years make sure to choose courses you have a real interest in. The worst part of a school year, in my opinion, is going through an entire year with classes I really have no interest in. Make sure to check your school’s course list and actually enrol in courses that fit your passions. Also, try to think of some career paths early on, so that you can take courses that will give you an idea of what that field is like and whether it is something you would consider pursuing. 

Join a Variety of Clubs

Making the most of the school year is always a hard challenge and often involves balancing many different activities. I found that an amazing part of school is joining an abundance of different teams and clubs that really reflect my interests. Extracurriculars are a great way to spend time with friends and an even better way to meet new people with similar passions. I would encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and partake in different clubs and teams, thereby widening their personal experiences by trying things they would otherwise not be exposed to.

Organize Your Time

By far the biggest problem I have encountered throughout school was not being organized. Having a routine of writing down dates and events in a calendar at the start of the year can help you get the most out your year, by balancing all of your commitments. Properly understanding how much time you have by constantly checking a planner or calendar can stop you from over committing yourself. Being young is a great time to have fun, though developing skills for the future is important, so is relaxing and enjoying life. Generally, I find that organization is one of the most important skills to staying on top of all assignments and can have a huge impact on the overall success of a particular student, which is why it’s so vital to start organizing from the start of the year.

Overall, it is so important to start your school year prepared as it can have a domino effect on the rest of your year. Since summer break is slowly coming to an end be sure to make the most of your last weeks of summer by readying yourself for the school year. Hopefully, these few tips help you plan out your upcoming school year and continue to help you throughout the year.

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