O-Week, Orientation, Frosh Week, whatever you may know it as, is fast approaching! With the new school year beginning soon, there are even fewer days left before Orientation week to kickstart it all. Orientation week is your introduction to the life of a post-secondary student, including both the academic and social aspects. It’s a week filled with tons of opportunities to get to know your campus, your classmates and your professors, before even stepping into your first lecture. However, if you’re feeling anxious at all about the week fast approaching, read on below for some tidbits to help you make the most out of your orientation.


You don’t have to attend every event, but try to get involved in various O-Week activities. There’s usually a variety of different events, so find the ones that appeal the most to you. You’ll likely find scavenger hunts, barbecues, live music events and much, much more going on. These events are where you will be introduced to countless new people and have the opportunity to make real, lasting friendships. If you’re choosing events that you’re interested in, then it’s very likely that the people you meet there will have similar interests to you as well.

Explore Your Campus

Whether you do this through the O-Week activities or by just exploring on your own, take the week to really get to know your surroundings. Figure out the most common spaces and the areas where you’ll be spending the most time, and learn their locations. Libraries, food services, and student lounge spaces are all good ones to know. Since you’ll have your schedule set by this time, it’s also a good idea to walk to and from your classes. Go through your day of classes and find the best routes from building to building.

Make use of the academic sessions and resources

Though orientation week has great social events, don’t overlook all the helpful academic sessions. Events such as a meet and greet with your academic advisor, a lunch with some professors or a student services information session are all very beneficial. Also, take the time to locate any support services you think you may need throughout the year, such as career services or the academic support office. All these will likely have booths or posters up throughout the week, so do your best to make time and stop by and gather some useful information.

Talk to as many people as possible

Orientation week is a crucial time for you to step out of your comfort zone. Leaving school after being with the same cohort for such a long period of time can be daunting. You may be the only person from your high school that will be attending your chosen post secondary institution, and that might frighten you. But it’s important to remember that though you may feel alone, everyone else is in the same boat as you, especially if you’re moving away from home. During orientation week, you’ll likely be put into a group that you’ll be attending events with the entire week. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with the students in your group, because this is the perfect time to do it, as everyone else is just as nervous, excited and eager to make friends, as you are. Also be sure to make conversation with your group leaders, as they’re very knowledgable and can likely give you very helpful tips and tricks to help you make the most of your time at university.

All in all, orientation week is filled with fun and excitement, along with some very useful information to help you have the smoothest possible transition into postsecondary life. Make the most of your week because you’ll learn a lot and likely make friends that will stick with you for the next four years.

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