With school starting next week, the time has come for our high school summer student to head back to his studies. Nathan has been a valuable member of the Minute School team, by offering his perspectives as a high school student and through his hard work on a variety of projects. This is what Nathan had to say about his summer work experience with Minute School.


Working this summer at Minute School has been an amazing opportunity where I learned about the intricacies of a tech startup. As a high school student, I am used to work that only plays a small role in an overarching business. At Minute School, I had the great experience where I got to directly affect the output of the business. Whether I was working on the web page, course production, or giving marketing insight, I felt as though my work had real importance and would result in many students benefiting.

One aspect that I found particularly exciting was creating course content that used a variety of innovative features like dynamic questions that will result in students studying more efficiently for a test or exam. As well, I learned about things that I was not previously exposed to such as coding, and I got to directly implement it into my work. This process was very new for me. As a student, much of the material taught to me has always been for the purpose of expanding knowledge rather than for its application in the real world. Overall, I had a great time at Minute School working with a group of amazing individuals and creating material that I truly believe in.

Thank you very much to Nathan for being a part of the Minute School team this summer. We hope you will make time out of your busy school schedule to drop by any Minute School events, and we wish you a successful school year ahead!

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