If you are like any other student, then at this point in the semester you may have multiple assignments due or midterms coming up. It is therefore very helpful that many universities have a fall reading week in place. Reading week provides students with a great opportunity to not only catch up on school work, but also recuperate for the next half of the semester. This blog post will provide you with some fun ideas to help you relieve stress over the break.

Sign up for a fun fitness class

Most universities or gyms offer a wide range of fitness classes throughout the year. Whatever your interest may be, there is a class for you.  Reading week gives you the perfect opportunity to try a new activity. So whether you have always wanted to take swim class, weightlifting or yoga class, you finally have some time to do it. Take some time out of your schedule and sign up for a fun class, who knows, you may develop an interest in an activity you would have never expected.

Volunteer for an event

When it comes to finding fun activities to engage in, many people do not immediately think of volunteering. But trust me, there are many ways to get involved around campus and still have fun. Many organizations around campus are constantly looking for people to help out with the events they organize. Volunteering is great way to just take your mind of studying for a bit. It is also a great way to meet new people and help out the school community. So find an event on campus you are interested in, and sign up to be a volunteer.

Take some time off to relax

Reading week exists for a reason. While you may have to study for your midterms or complete assignments, it is still important to enjoy this time off. Seriously, it is okay to reward yourself after surviving the first stressful weeks of school. Take some time off and do something you genuinely enjoy. Whether it is just hanging out with friends or family, catching up on some shows, or just enjoying your own company. If you are able to take some time off to relax, you will come back to school feeling a lot more refreshed and ready to take on the last half of the semester.

I hope these few tips help you have a stress-free and fun reading week. Enjoy your time off and come back to school recharged!

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