As a student I know that once the weekend comes around it’s like a breath of fresh air from the school environment. But it immediately gets forced out once I realize that I still have homework to do. I may have gotten out of classes, but the classes just followed me anyway. It’s actually very disheartening. Nevertheless, here are some tips that I find helpful to get homework out of the way and get into relax time!


Scheduling is very important. It really helps keep you organized and up-to-date with all the assignments, quizzes, exams, and what have you that come barreling down in your semester. So keep a calendar or two with you so that you can plan your time accordingly. I, for one, have two different calendars: one on my laptop that gives me reminders for when things are due (just so I can see them) and another that’s a physical copy so that I can manually write down the due dates. You can also make you’re own calendar/planner/journal. I’ve found for myself that writing those due dates down helps cement in my mind (at least for a little while) the amount of assignments due and the time in between each assignment. I also have that physical calendar copy in front of me when I work at my desk so that there’s always a visual reminder, whether that be by paper or laptop. Either way, it’s important to schedule your time in the device of choice that you use more frequently in order to have those reminders.

Work Habits 

What’s great about these calendars is the fact that you can break down a day into hours. So use this feature for planning out how to work on your assignments on the weekend. Also, make sure you adapt it to your work style. I’m somewhat of a quiet-environment type of person. So I usually either wake up early or stay up late to do my assignments because it’s quiet. Or if it’s too quiet, I just go to a louder place so that I can hear at least some form of life so that it distracts from the stress. For me, it’s either the balance of the two or the extremes. Either way, make a schedule and adapt it to your work style for this weekend. It’ll help you get your work done and out of the way quick and easy.


Once the weekend comes, I have my calendar(s) to tell me what assignments are due at what day and time. With that information I can organize my tasks based on priority, as in, which assignment(s) requires more work and more time as compared to the others. This makes homework finishing a lot more efficient since you’re aware of each task’s priority.

Now that concludes some tips about how to manage your homework for once the weekend rolls around from me to you. Hope they help!

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