It is hard to believe the fall term is over, the holiday break is just around the corner, and our three Micro-course Creator co-op students, Cheryl, Krystel, and Rachel, have completed their work term. We cannot thank them enough for their contributions and hard work. Here is what they had to say about their work term and their experiences at Minute School.

Working as a Micro-course developer at Minute School is my sixth and final co-op placement. Though four of my previous co-ops were in education, this was my first experience at a start-up. It has been wonderful to do work that I’m passionate about for four months and be able to take ownership of what I’ve created. One of the most exciting parts of this term has been watching the product change and grow so quickly, often to accommodate the needs of the co-ops. The team fostered an incredibly supportive environment for the co-ops and we were given every opportunity to steer the direction of our work terms and encouraged to share our own perspectives. And the most important part of a great work environment: a Tim Hortons just steps away! I’m very content to cap off my co-op journey with this experience at Minute School and I can genuinely say that I’m proud of the work I’ve done and this innovative product!

Working at Minute School was truly a great learning experience. As a student, it can sometimes be hard to comprehend the amount of time and effort that goes into content creation.
Getting the opportunity to engage in the content creation process was not only fulfilling but challenging at the same time. It is exciting to think about the long term impact our work here may have on the learning experiences of students. Not only am I walking away from Minute School as a better student, but also with a new set of skills that will be extremely useful as I continue on in my university career.

Reflecting back, my time working at Minute School has been an interesting journey. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and beyond my limits to think of creative and innovate ways to create, present and write questions. It gave me insight into the hard work and thought process that goes into course production and question making, something which I’ve never considered until now. And knowing that these questions and the product will impact students was a real motivation for me. It pushed me to continuously think of you, the student, and how I could better explain a certain concept to help you have that “AH-HA” moment. Furthermore, Minute School has broadened my understanding of what learning is and the multiple, innovative ways it can be done and achieved. As a result, I’ll be taking the skills I’ve learned here at Minute School and applying them to my own and others learning. I will greatly miss working at Minute School and the wonderful people I got to meet and have lunch and a Tim’s coffee with in the mornings.

Thank you very much to Cheryl, Krystel, and Rachel for a fantastic work term. We hope they will find time in their busy school schedules to join us for future games nights! We wish them a restful and re-energizing holiday break, a successful winter school term, and a very Happy 2018!

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