Choosing your university major can be stressful. After learning about all the available programs, you may not find one that aligns with your interests. Or, you may be interested in so many different majors that you cannot decide which one you should apply for. Similarly, you may be at the stage where you have taken some courses in university and found the program not at all what you thought it would be, and thinking about changing your major. And what if you do? You may be afraid that the same situation occurs again. Here are some steps to consider before you make your decision.

Step 1: Try It Out

If there is an area which interests you, but you are not sure if you actually like it – try it out. You never know if you like something until you actually try it out yourself. You may find the subject surprisingly boring or surprisingly fun. You can also take advice from others, but it should not be your sole source of information. People have different interests, and their experience with the subject area could be quite different from your own actual experience.

Step 2: Use One Hour To Find Your Goal

If you feel lost or simply need to set a goal for yourself to get yourself oriented in life, there is a simple trick: Sit down in your room with a pen and a piece of paper, do not bring any electronic devices with you to avoid distractions, and use this hour to answer this one question: What makes your life meaningful? Answer this question truthfully, write your ideas down no matter how trivial or wild they seem to be, and think of ways that you can fulfill them. In one hour, you can build a draft outline for your future. You may decide to choose your major based on what make your life most meaningful to you.

Step 3: Make the Most out of Happenstance

After making your decision, there is one final tip – keep your options open. I want you to stay open-minded and continue the journey of exploration. No matter which stage in life you currently are, there is no harm in experiencing new things. Maybe something you never knew of could become your favorite hobby. Life is full of pleasant surprises if you allow it to be. There is a book about ways to get the most out of new experiences.

Chose the right major for you, and consider these three steps as you make your decision.

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