I may be a self-diagnosed health nut, but I haven’t always been that way. All throughout my teenage years, I ate copious amounts of sugary, processed foods that, in hindsight, weren’t the best for me to be eating on a regular basis. I was always low on energy, unfocused, and in need of a nap. Once I moved away to university, I found myself eating healthy, balanced meals from the residence cafeteria that gave me enough energy to go days, weeks and even months without a single cup of coffee. Why? Because I was finally fuelling my body properly with plenty of nutrient-dense foods. Food is a key source of energy that can be the difference between going home to nap after that morning lecture or going to the library to get some work done while you’re on campus. Healthy eating isn’t nearly as difficult, expensive, or bland as many people think, and here are four recipes to prove this.

One Bowl Chia and Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies

Healthy cookies? Yes please! This is a great recipe to make on a Sunday night to have you set for a quick, healthy breakfast to grab on your way to class all week. Packed with protein and fibre, these cookies are the perfect start to your day.

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

If you’re like me, that piping-hot bowl of pad thai at the mall is hard to resist. This recipe for pad thai is easy, healthy and better yet: tastes just like a bowl of pad thai you would find at your favourite fast food chain. Even harder to believe is that there isn’t a single strand of pasta in this dish; it’s spaghetti squash! You’ll never see noodles the same way after this recipe.

15-Minute Shrimp Tacos

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to skip taco night! This recipe is a quick, easy, and cheap way to satisfy those Saturday evening cravings without reaching for overly salty pre-made taco mixes.

Banana Ice Cream

Okay, so maybe this isn’t ice cream in the true sense of the word, but it sure tastes like it! All you’ll need is a frozen banana (although after tasting it, you might want to add in a few more) and your choice of add-ins. Cocoa powder, peanut butter, a touch of honey and dark chocolate are just a few of my favourites. To make the ice cream, all you need is to put the already peeled and sliced frozen banana in a food processor along with all of the toppings your heart desires. Pulse the mix for about 30 seconds to a minute and BAM: you have delicious ice cream with lots of nutrients like potassium and vitamin C, but none of the added sugars or fats of regular ice cream.

Tip: if you’re more of a hard-serve type person, put your ice cream in a container in your freezer for an additional hour and return to a harder consistency of ice cream. Yum!

Of course, these are just a few of my favourite recipes to make, but the possibilities are endless! There are thousands of delicious, healthy and simple recipes out there to try, so what are you waiting for? Happy cooking!

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