Happy 2018, and Happy Winter Term! With the start of a new term brings a new co-op work term and a great group of co-op students to the Minute School team. In just one week, Sarah, Victoria, and Zora have quickly learned their new role, and brought new energy and enthusiasm to Minute School. Here is a bit more information (in alphabetical order) about the newest members of the Minute School team.

  • Sarah is studying Psychology, and minoring in Sociology. Her favourite food is peanut butter. Sarah enjoys going to the gym and sticking to her New Year’s resolutions.
  • Victoria is in the Biochemistry degree program. She enjoys eating chocolate. Her favourite past-time is creative writing.
  • Zora is majoring in Biology, and completing a Molecular Genetics specialization. Sushi is her favourite food. In her spare time, Zora likes to read non-fiction books.

Through their work on micro-course creation and through their blog posts, you will have a chance to see Sarah, Victoria, and Zora’s contributions. We are excited for the work term ahead, and how they will influence our various projects and initiatives. Welcome to Minute School!

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