With the start of the summer work term, brings a new member to the Minute School team. We are very excited to have Laura on board as the Digital Course Content Creator & Curator Co-op for this summer semester.  Laura is a student at the University of Waterloo, now majoring in Psychology after switching from Health Studies. While Laura is currently living in Waterloo, they are originally from the very big city of Toronto.  Laura’s favourite season is summer, even if it means being on a co-op work term!  

Some other fun facts about Laura:

  • They know their favourite colour down to the hex code – It is # 0099FF (Look it up if you get the chance, it is a brilliant bright blue).
  • This semester, they will be cosplaying for the first time (If you are not familiar with cosplaying, then you may want to read more about it happening at Anime North).
  • Pasta is Laura’s favourite food (Clearly, we will need to have a team lunch that involves Pasta Thursdays at Vincenzo’s!).

Over this summer semester, you will learn more about Laura through the tips and experiences they share in their blog posts. Welcome to Minute School, Laura!

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