We are excited to welcome back Cheryl to the Minute School team for the summer. Cheryl was a co-op student with Minute School while she was still an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo. She recently finished her undergraduate degree, in which she had majored in statistics. To celebrate completing her undergraduate studies, Cheryl took a graduation trip to visit her family in China. Besides taking a bit of a break and spending time with family, she spend over a month eating everything spicy that she could get her hands on!

This summer, in addition to working on a statistics micro-course with Minute School, Cheryl plans to improve her cooking skills and catch up on her reading list (which got put aside during those busy final semesters). It is likely she will try to watch a few Disney movies too.

We are also proud to share that Cheryl will be starting graduate school this fall at Carleton University, where she will be continuing her studies in statistics at the graduate level. Cheryl is happy to be back at Minute School for the summer, and will be preventing her own summer slide by continuing to work on and share her love of all things statistics. Welcome back, Cheryl!

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