It’s summer vacation! Since becoming a university student, summer no longer is the weeks of free time it was when I was a child. Just because you probably have a summer job or other responsibilities, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find time to have fun. Here is a list of my personal favourite summer activities, things you can do even if you’re working a summer job. So get out the sunscreen and try out one of these fun activities!

Camping: Take a weekend off, find a cottage or a campground and enjoy the outdoors, best with friends or family.

Hiking: there are likely trails close to your house, enjoy nature and the exercise.

Gardening: I currently have some planters going on my balcony. Anyone can garden cheaply and successfully, even with limited space. Google can be your best friend here.

Sailing: Rent a boat or maybe take lessons! Sailing is a lot of fun if you live near the water.

Have a bonfire: If you live in the city there are often fire pits you can rent or even use for free, nothing says summer like a bonfire.

Kayaking: Easy to learn and easy to rent. Make sure you wear a lifejacket!

Music festivals: There are lots of fun festivals around, see what you can find close to you!

The beach: A summer classic. Find a beach and just relax. If you can’t find a beach close by, a pool can work in a pinch.

Swimming: Find a pool, a lake, a pond, a stream, a river, an ocean, or better yet, try to swim in them all.

Read: Preferably outdoors. Find a comfy spot and a good book.

Have a picnic: Grab some friends, grab some food, grab a blanket and find a park!

BBQ: Get everyone to bring something to BBQ and have a potluck, BBQ style.

Fly a kite: Mary Poppins style, release that inner child.

Lawn games: Frisbee, bocce ball, horseshoes, you name it, they’re a great way to spend an afternoon.

Biking: Find a new place to explore, you’d be surprised how far and fast you can get with a bike.

Stargaze: The warm nights mean you won’t even be that cold! Get out of the city and find a nice field.

Join a recreation league: There’s lots of sports leagues that run in the summer for all skill and ability levels. Softball, soccer are common and fun, or try something new like Ultimate Frisbee.

Go hunting for fresh fruits and vegetables: It’s good for you, it tastes great and it’s good for the environment. Now that winter is over, go find out what’s in season in your area!

Watch a local sports team: Even if you can only get seats in the nosebleeds, going to live sports is so much fun! In summer there’s baseball, soccer and more. Or look around and see if you can find a new sport, my personal favourite has been Rugby League!

Train for a race: Running is a great way to get exercise, and running outside is even better. I always find the best way to motivate myself to run is to sign up for a race in the fall so that I have to train for it all summer.

These are all ways that I enjoy spending my time during summer vacation. But there are many more things you can do! What’s important is that you take advantage of the nice weather and the sunshine. So grab some friends, get outside and enjoy all that summer has to offer!


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