Developing hobbies outside of school is a great way to expand your portfolio and increase transferable skills. However, it can be daunting to start exploring a hobby without prior knowledge. Summer is a great time to invest some effort into trying something new. Here are four ways to jumpstart new interests or develop upon existing hobbies.

1. Don’t compare yourself to others

Starting into a new hobby can be extremely daunting if you are comparing yourself to seasoned professionals. Content or skills that you see online or in the real world are most likely produced by years of hard work. You can’t expect to be a professional right away. Additionally, developing your own style or system is easier without using others as benchmarks. Go at your own pace, and know that with time and effort you can reach higher standards.

2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

As mentioned before, you’re not a professional! Being unafraid of failure can allow for you to explore a wider field and better your skills. If something seems out of your comfort zone, try it anyways! It’s only a failure if you decide it is. Who knows, you may find a new passion through taking risks.

3. Invest time (Daily if possible)

You will never improve a skill if you don’t try. Investing time means that you will develop at a faster rate. Even if you just put in a few minutes a day, challenging yourself to daily development will mean better progress in the long run.

4. Have fun!

If something isn’t working, or you find that your new hobby is hindering your life more than improving it, stop, reassess, and try something else. Stressing out over a hobby is not worth it in the long run. This is for you! Enjoy your time and make sure that you’re working towards your best self. Don’t try to please other people.

We hope that you take a chance this summer to try something new, or work on progressing something that you already have an interest in! You never know when those skills or hobbies may come in handy, whether it be providing a new outlook for education, or building a portfolio that can help with future employment. It is always a good idea to have something you’re passionate about to help keep you positive and optimistic.  

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