We all have dreamt of the idea of making an amazing bucket list, and completing it in its entirety. Today, I am here to tell you that this summer is the perfect time for you to make the most thoroughly marvellous bucket list, then not follow it at all.

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s ridiculous! Why would you go through the time to make a bucket list, then not go through with it?”

Well, my friends, often the most incredible things happen when you set out with a specific goal, and end up doing something else instead.

Last year, I was able to have the opportunity to work and live at Walt Disney World in Florida. A couple weeks into my time there, I chose to make a bucket list for my mission of visiting each of the four Disney World parks in one day. While the criteria for this goal is different for everyone, I set out to ride one ride, and meet one character at each park. I made a thorough list and was determined to get it all done.

Epcot was my third park of the day. I wanted meet Snow White- My favourite princess- then ride Frozen Ever After. Snow White had sporadic meet and greet times, so while I was half an hour early to meet her upon my arrival, I decided to wait it out.

As I was sitting near Snow White’s Wishing Well, a little girl approached me. She asked If I was waiting to see Snow White. When I told her I was, she sat down beside me, her grandmother in tow, and waited with me. We talked for the whole half hour, about everything: school, hobbies, our connections with Canada, and of course, Disney. When the time came to queue up, we stood in line, still chatting. The girl insisted I precede her in line, since I loved Snow White so much. Soon it was my turn. I said goodbye to the girl and her sweet grandmother and met the princess. As I was walking away, I saw the girl meet Snow White, and gave a final wave to her grandmother. It must have only been a minute before I heard running feet behind me. She had hurried through her meeting with Snow White to be able to catch me before I had walked too far. She gave me a huge hug, and the three of us spent the afternoon shopping and chatting more, creating some of my fondest memories from my time at Disney World.

Had I stuck to my bucket list, I would have left to go ride Frozen Ever After. Instead, I chose to change my plans, and spend time making a new friend.

Here are my tips to help you ignore your bucket list too.

  1. Go with the flow!
  2. Never miss a fun opportunity because of a strict schedule.
  3. Enjoy the moment! If you’re too focused on what’s coming next, you may forget to enjoy what you’re doing now.

I am thankful for that connection and moment for teaching me the value of making a plan, then forgetting it entirely. I will never forget our time together, and I hope that our story may encourage others to also leave behind strict plans and replace them with more a flexible outlook on your schedule. You may even get the chance to spend the day with a real life princess and her loving grandmother.

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