The winter term has ended, and the spring / summer semester is just around the corner. This changing of the terms can be a joyful time for students (especially if it means summer break). However, it is a hard time for us as it is when we have to say good-bye to our Minute School co-op team members as they finish their work term and move onto their next commitments.

Over the past few months, we had Jess and Ben working with us at Minute School. They were part of the Minute School team from the moment they started. It was incredible to witness how quickly they learned their new roles and took on key projects. We appreciated their dedication and contributions throughout the term – their insights and ideas only helped us make Minute School even better.

Thank you to Ben and Jess for a wonderful work term. It is hard to believe how fast their time with us went. We hope they will join us again soon for our future games nights. Jess and Ben – all the best with your adventures ahead!

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