Sewing is one of those things young people often write off as a hobby only meant for older generations – something similar to Scrabble, crossword puzzles. But, sewing is a fantastic, creative hobby that allows you produce practical items that can be shared and shown off! There are many reasons why young people (especially students) should learn to sew, and here are a few.

Every Day Fixes: Learning how to sew doesn’t have to mean constructing a dress from scratch. Simple tasks like learning how to hem your own pants may come in handy and save some money, especially if the majority of clothing found in stores is absurdly long on you, like they are for me. In addition to this, tasks like patching holes, and making simple repairs on broken seams are great skills to have. Being on a student budget, sewing will save you the time and money it would cost to visit a seamstress (or drive home to have a parent help). 

Get Specific: Have you ever had a really specific vision for your clothing? A unique dress, a distinct bag, a specialized jacket? While some basic sewing knowledge may be required, big sewing projects (especially with the use of a pattern) are actually not all that hard to execute. You can create something completely unique to you, which is a pretty special feeling.

Creative Problem Solving and Use of Brain Power: When sewing, especially as a beginner, mistakes are bound to happen. Also, sometimes the vision you have in your head may not have a perfect pattern or system already laid out. This allows you to play engineer and fix the problems in all sorts of unique ways! Additionally, while sewing seems like a creative, right-brain-driven activity, many patterns and sewing tutorials require calculations with measurements. So, if you consider yourself an analytical person, sewing may actually be a great way to keep your brain active and help you prepare to return to school once summer is over. 

Think Outside the Garment: Sewing is automatically associated with clothes, but there are plenty of things that can be made for other uses. This can include pencil cases, glasses sleeves, drawstring bags, pillows, blankets, or, if you’re like me, DIY Minnie Mouse ears. Decorate your dorm room, and stock your backpack with all your creations to become the coolest kid in school. Head to your local fabric store and check out all the beautiful fabrics available. I almost guarantee that you will be inspired by something.

Be the Envy of Everyone at a Party: Halloween was how I got into sewing. I had a vision of a Rapunzel costume and no sewing experience at all. While this costume was largely piecing together items from thrift shops and adding lace trims, it introduced me into the world of creating costumes. Ever since then, I love spending months planning and creating intricate costumes for October 31st. It allows you to create things you wouldn’t normally have use for, like big ball gowns, capes, or (my personal favourite) puff sleeves. After being asked where you bought your costume, informing people that you made it yourself may be one of the best feelings in the world. Be sure to have fun with it! Being in university is an amazing time to explore your identity and begin to define yourself!

So, this summer, dust off your parent’s old sewing machine, or buy some needles and thread. You may find a new hobby, and get to use your brain in a new and exciting way! I promise all the needle pricks and broken threads will be worth it when you get to show off your amazing creations! Read this blog for more ideas on sparking your creativity!

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