Summer is a great time to catch up on school or work a summer job, but what about taking a day off? Being a busy student, taking days for yourself is important! Why not take a day to go to the beach? While lying in the sand and swimming may not be for everyone, there are plenty of different ways to enjoy the sandy shore that will please everyone.

Take a walk along the water! Not only is the view beautiful, but you may get to observe all kinds of different people, and – if you’re at a pet friendly beach – dogs! The shoreline may change along the way, so you may discover something new!

Get some ice-cream! Sometimes, beaches are surrounded by cute surf shops and food stands! An ice-cream is always an amazing way to cool off and take a break from other beachy activities.

Build something. Engage your off season brain to try and engineer something creative on the beach. Build with sticks, rocks or just plain sand! It is incredible what can be created with natural materials if you try hard enough.

Shells, rocks, or sea glass. If building isn’t your thing, spend your time finding interesting looking objects. The water creates beautiful, smooth rocks and glass, and the sea creatures leave behind all sorts of amazing shells. Be sure to not disturb any living animals or their natural habitats. Try taking pictures instead.

Read a book. The beach is an amazing place to sit and read (or even study if you are in school this summer). The ambient noises from the pulsating water is extremely calming and enjoyable. Make sure you shade yourself and put on lots of sunscreen. Sitting in the sun unprotected can be dangerous!

Play a game or sport. Missing after school extracurriculars? Start a game of beach volleyball, frisbee, soccer, or even just catch. You may make some new friends, and get some great physical activity while you’re at it. Make sure you stop frequently for water and sunscreen!

Stay for the sunset! Beaches are some of the greatest places to see the sunset – especially if the shore faces west! Bring a camera and people you love, and watch the sky burn bright red, orange, and pink. You will not be disappointed.

Not sure where you can find a beach in your area? Look here to see if there are any options near you! If there isn’t, travel somewhere new and find one.

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