The summer term has come to an end, and the new academic year is starting soon. This summer we were fortunate to have Alex and Tracy working with us and part of the Minute School team. Here is what they had to say about their work term at Minute School.

With this being my first and only co-op term, working at Minute School was my first introduction to working for a company in my field. Here, I was presented with the many challenges and rewards that come from working at a start-up. I was able to delve into numerous aspects of working in design and marketing, and develop my skills accordingly. I appreciate the way that Minute School encouraged me to think and solve the problems with which we were presented. Thank you, Minute School, for letting me explore my abilities and showing me the application of all of the skills which I have been learning in school. It was a great term! – Tracy

Working at Minute School for my third co-op placement was an amazing experience. In past co-op terms I have worked at larger companies. At Minute School I felt a great deal of autonomy and unlike my past co-ops, the things I accomplished seemed to make a meaningful impact. I learned a great deal about marketing and advertising. Running campaigns was one of my favourite things I did over the term. It is an important skill I enjoyed learning that I can take to my next co-ops. I loved the variety in my work. The fast-paced work environment always kept me engaged and ready for whatever came next. I enjoyed how much of the work was driven by our own ideas. I tried out many different ideas over the term. While some of these ideas did not pan out, I was able to learn from them and work on improving them. I believe that Minute School has a bright future and with the help of future co-ops, I see it becoming the tool students use to succeed in their classes. – Alex

Thank you to Tracy and Alex for a wonderful work term. It is hard to believe how fast the time went. We hope they will drop by and visit when they get the chance. Alex and Tracy – all the best with your next school term ahead!

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