With the world climate strike underway, it’s important to not only raise awareness about climate change, but to think about our own choices and evaluate what we can do to make a difference. Here are some simple steps each of us can take to help save our planet.


In the past few years, alternatives to driving such as biking, walking, and using public transportation have become increasingly important. While these choices allow you to exercise and save money, they also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If driving a car is necessary, consider combining your errands or activities instead of making several separate trips. Carpooling and shopping online can also help to reduce your environmental impact.

Reduce, reduce, reduce!

We can help to save the planet in reducing the amount of electricity and water that we use. There are several simple ways to save electricity around the house, such as unplugging appliances, turning off lights, buying energy efficient lighting, and using natural lighting. Further, water can be conserved by turning off taps, taking shorter showers, using a water-saving shower-head, and running the washing machine for only full loads.


For several decades, the amount of plastic that humans consume has been increasing astronomically. Plastic requires a large amount of water and energy to create and results in land, water, and air pollution. A large portion of our plastic waste ends up in the ocean and because plastic does not biodegrade. It causes marine animals to suffocate, starve and drown. To minimize this damage, there are actions we can take to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Next time you take a shopping trip, try to avoid using plastic grocery bags by bringing your own reusable bags. When buying coffee or tea, remember to bring your own reusable cup. Be mindful of food packaging, too. Try to select food items with minimal packaging or food that is packaged using recycled material. Avoiding the use of plastic utensils and take out containers helps too!

Save paper and plant a tree

As many of us know, reducing the amount of paper we use helps to prevent trees from being cut down. To adopt some paperless habits, try to avoid printing out paper wherever possible. This includes banking statements, receipts, and lecture notes. We can also reduce the amount of paper we use through household items such as paper towels and wrapping paper. To offset the negative environmental impact of using paper, consider planting a tree! By sucking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen, trees help to reduce global temperatures.

Making one, some, or all of these changes to your daily lifestyle can reduce our negative environmental impact and help save our planet!  

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