As a student, when it comes time to prepare for exams or complete assignments, the entire process can sometimes seem a bit daunting. Trying to decide how much time should be allocated to studying the material for each course, or managing your time in general can be difficult. This blog post will provide you with three study tips that you may find helpful as you work through the rest semester.

Take good lecture notes

While this tip may seem obvious, it can be very useful when it comes time to study for a midterm or exam. Organize your notes in such a way that it is easy to read or understand. Another thing to consider when taking notes is to focus on the main concepts that were covered in the lesson, as well as the areas that were particularly stressed on in class. This is important because when it comes time to study, you will have a better sense of direction. What I usually do is that I supplement my lecture notes with the assigned textbook readings, but mainly focus on the areas that the teacher spent more time explaining.

Avoid procrastinating

When it comes to keeping up with your assignments or readings, it can be very easy to procrastinate. Given the many distractions of university life, as well as the fact that assignment deadlines can seem so far away, it becomes easy to procrastinate.  A tip that has helped me a lot is to create a schedule that outlines all the due dates listed in my syllabi. From there, I try to break each major task down into smaller one, as that way I’m able to remain focused. Another thing that works for me is to study in an area that has as little distractions as possible. So whether this means studying without your phone or not studying in bed, try to eliminate as many distractions as possible, since this will help you stay more focused.

Remain organized

Staying organized throughout the semester can be extremely helpful as it prevents a lot of time wasting. Ensure that you keep all you notes for each class in one place so that you can easily locate them when it comes time to study. You can also use a checklist or schedule to ensure that you are keeping up with your assignments or readings for each class. Keeping everything organized will prevent you from wasting a lot of time trying to find information when you need it.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful as you continue on in the semester.

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