Taking breaks can replenish you mind and let you to get more work done. This idea has become a widespread belief in the current society. Whether it is at work or at school, sometimes there is simply too much coming at you all at once. You try to jiggle around with your time to fit everything in your schedule, but stress and tension are gradually wearing you down. Here are three ideas for taking actual, restful breaks.

Idea 1: Do Things You Enjoy

As simple and straightforward as it seems, not a lot of people have been successful at doing it. Partly because they “do not have time”. Are you one of them? If so, here is a way to go about it: think about all the things you enjoy, and pick one that does not take up much time (or something you can do while taking the bus or driving). You don’t have to spend much time doing it, 5 to 10 minutes each day could refresh your mind and charge you up. You can even plan time in the morning or before bed to do this only one thing you like.

Idea 2: Meditate

Meditations can effectively relax your tension in your body and your mind. Meditations don’t have to be long — a short 5-minute session can go a long way. It is okay if you cannot follow through the entire session for the first several times — our brains are just so used to switching back and forth between attractants. The effect is still there and the more you practice, the better the result is. Meditation is also an important part of self-care.

Idea 3: Stretch

You might be looking at your ever growing to-do list, and are just too tired to plan time for other things. Especially when it comes to midterm or exam season, studying can take up the entire day. When you are under pressure or stressed, or are simply too tired to engage yourself in any activities, take a stretch. Give your muscles a break, release the tension in your body and refresh your mind. Stretching is simple, can be done anytime, anywhere. Stretch every half an hour or an hour, give yourself a mini break. It can boost you up and help you stay sharp.

Here you have it, a practical guide for taking actual breaks! Next time, when you feel like the need for a break, try doing one of the above, you will feel energized and ready to study or tackle that next project.

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