With summer break and the summer term just around the corner, the time has come for the winter 2018 co-op term to come to an end. It is the last day of the work term for our Micro-course Creator co-op students, and we are sad to see them go! Thank you very much to Sarah, Victoria, and Zora for an amazing co-op term, and for all your dedication and hard work on the projects you have been part of. Here is what they had to say about their work term at Minute School.

Coming into my co-op term as a Micro-course Creator at Minute School, I didn’t know what to expect. One thing I did know for sure was that I was going to be taken out of my comfort zone by challenging my views of traditional education, taking on a huge project on my own, and working at a company where I was actually encouraged to tell my bosses if I didn’t like their ideas. Watching the Minute School product grow and evolve so quickly has provided me with an immense amount of pride that I was able to have a hand in watching it all come to life, and I am so excited to see all that is to come. I’m walking away from my position here full of new skills, knowledge, and of course: cake! Thank you Minute School for being apart of my journey; not only in my professional career, but in my academic career as well.

Working at minute school was my first co-op placement. Being my first work term, I was nervous and not fully sure what to expect, but the team was so welcoming and supportive towards all of us co-op students. From the first day, we were placed right into course design and development processes. It was definitely overwhelming at first, but there was so much satisfaction that came from working on and completing something that will (hopefully) reach students and help them out. I’ve had a chance to work on many different Minute School courses and processes this work term, and with everything I’ve done, I’ve learned something new. From discovering ways to reach a student audience, to learning more about how start-ups are run. Overall, this has been a great work term, and I’ve been truly inspired by the work of my fellow co-op students, both past and present, and the rest of the team at Minute School for all of the care and effort I’ve seen them put into this platform.

Working at Minute School was truly a wonderful experience. During this co-op term, besides gaining a deeper understanding of the subjects that I have worked on, I also developed as a person. Co-op students were given so much room for planning, developing, and creating our courses. There was a huge space for creativity and incorporating our own thoughts and ideas into the courses, and this urged me to keep learning, be creative, and strive to do the best I could so I will be proud of myself to have taken part in building a wonderful course. It is also extremely satisfying to see a course develop and become better and better with my effort. So if I was to choose a theme to conclude my experience working at Minute School, it would be betterment. Not only were the courses getting better, people working here are always seeking to better themselves. It is a desire in self-development that everyone in Minute School has that makes this place unique, positive, motivating, and supportive. Today is the last day of the work term, and I already miss working with these marvellous people at Minute School. Thank you Minute School for giving me the opportunity to be part of the amazing team!

Thank you again to Zora, Victoria, and Sarah for a wonderful work term. We hope they will join us again soon for our games nights. All the best in your summer school term ahead!

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