I am finishing my final semester in my undergraduate program in Communication Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. As I look back and reflect on my university career, I’ve come to realize that the way I approach my work and exams has completely changed over the course of four years. When I began my first year of post-secondary education in 2015, I was actually enrolled as a business student. Most of my days were spent feeling overwhelmed and confused as to how I was supposed to prepare for 5 exams each term within the span of a week. Instead of seeking help and finding ways to manage my time instead I would procrastinate and end up cramming just days before each exam. As my first year came to a close I realized that the endless all-nighters were not for me and that a program change would likely be in my best interest. That is when I decided to enrol in Communications Studies and pursue two minors that included Digital Media Studies and Visual Communications. Looking back at my first year self there is so much I wish I had known, but instead of looking back and regretting I feel lucky for the learning experience I had. If I could give my first year self some advice, it would look something like this:

Stop Procrastinating
This is something that is definitely easier said than done but has made the biggest difference in the way I now approach all of my work. Instead of cramming for a final the night before I give myself at least a week in advance to prepare to ensure as little stress as possible.

Don’t Fall Behind
Staying on top of readings and lecture notes is one of the keys to success during midterm and finals season. Instead of trying to finish a semesters worth of readings the day before an exam make a schedule and finish your readings on a weekly basis. This will have a great pay off in the long run.

Ask for Help
The greatest lesson I learned as a student is that it is completely okay to ask for help! Going to an academic advisor or meeting with a professor can make all the difference when feeling overwhelmed and confused. Your professors care about your success and are there to help guide you through the course material so don’t hesitate to send an email or ask a question after class!

By following these tips and tricks you can ensure that you will always be on top of your school work and earning the grades you strive for. When reflecting on my university career changing the way I prepared for assignments and exams was the best thing I ever did for my GPA. With the help from other available tips on Minute School you can guarantee your success this semester!

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