Ah, it’s that time of the term again. Midterms. The time of the term when our calendars are filling up with more and more readings and projects, all the while we have those bolded and circled midterm dates popping off the pages.

You are going to do great as you always do, but the five tips below will help you organize yourself to do even better during this semester’s midterms!

  1. Don’t be misled by the percentage. Sometimes we view the course syllabus and become convinced that since the midterm is worth, for example, half as much as the final, we only need to put 50% of our efforts into studying. This is not the case. Make sure to be putting 100% into everything you do, inside and outside of school work.
  2. Keep an eye on your other courses. With the stresses of midterms, sometimes we can drop the ball on our course readings and other projects. This is completely normal. Keeping organized through calendars, phone reminders, and study schedules can help you to maintain your other courses while studying. Another great tip is to complete the projects that are due immediately after midterms beforehand. This will ensure that you get those projects done and can focus on studying for your midterms. It also allows you to do thorough edits after the midterms are finished to ensure these projects are your best possible work!
  3. Prioritize some midterms over others. Ask yourself the following questions: Which midterm comes first during the week? Which courses’ material do you understand the least? This will allow you to determine which material is most important and how to best prepare. The last question was the most important as you should focus most on what you don’t know and be proud of yourself for everything you do know.
  4. Study in chunks each day. Have no fear, just put your studying into second gear. Rather than cramming for 48 hours, try studying over the course of at least one week. In order to keep up with other courses’ work, spend each day studying sections of each course. For example, study 1 hour day one, 2 hours day two and three, 3 hours day four, and so on. This will allow you to make time for other courses as well, and will help you retain the information.
  5. Take breaks. Remember to take care of yourself. Studying far in advance will allow you time to stretch, cook proper meals, watch an episode of your favourite show, and just relax. While you need to take care of your school work, you also need to take care of yourself. The latter is more important.

Midterms can be nerve-wracking, but if we remain positive and work as hard as we can, we will maximize our success. Good luck – but I know you don’t need it! You have the skills, the knowledge, and now the tips!

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