Oh that I were someone who could get things done with ease
I could sit down, start working, finish and then go do as I please
Unfortunately, that’s just not who I am, I’m a procrastinator through and through
And odds are if you’re a student who’s reading this, you’re a procrastinator too

With assignments weighting over my head, I decide that I’d rather just do them tomorrow 
It’s basically asking my future self if they have any time I could borrow 
And of course my future self will be just as busy, probably more busy too
Because it will be a brand new day and so there will be brand new things to do

It’s a problem that simply all of us must, at some point, face
How to not procrastinate, how to get things done at a reasonable pace
So how can you and me overcome this great plague of our time?
Well I will share with you some tips, through the medium of rhyme


The first thing you must do, if you want to get more done
Is to get rid of all those distractions, even if they are fun
Your phone, your friends, the web and the bed
Get rid of them all and you’ll find things are much more clear in your head

Start Small

The second thing you must do, is divide up what what needs to get done
It may seem like you have an insurmountable task, so start with just a small one
Getting something small done is incredibly easy to start and finish, it’s true
Get a bunch of small things done and suddenly you find you have much less to do

Just Start

Even if you’re not really sure what you’re ultimately going to make
Starting with something is one of the best steps you can take
An easy paragraph of a paper, one problem in math, the first page of a reading
Just starting with something helps you figure out exactly what this task will be needing

Make it fun

And finally, turn the task into some kind of game, with a reward
You’d be surprised how much you can get done when the task does not make you bored
There’s a reason after all that this blog is written in rhyme
I needed some motivation to get something started at the time

Other ways you can make things fun, is to give yourself a treat for getting things finished
A break maybe or something you really like to eat, (a real treat, not some spinach)
Taking a break when you accomplish something is also a great way to make things fun
Hang out with friends, cook a meal, make something or maybe go for a run

The End

Alas here we are at the final stanza of this blog
I must say for me to write this it has been quite a slog
Thankfully though I used all the tricks I just shared to overcome my procrastination
And I hope you come away from this blog with a new sense of motivation

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