Exam day is one of the most stressful days in a student’s calendar. There is a lot of things that a student needs to do on one day and a lot of pressure to succeed. Here are 6 tips to make exam day the best it can be.

Get Lots of Sleep

Students have heard this over and over again, but that is only because it is one of the biggest keys to success. Giving yourself as much sleep as you can helps you think clearly and perform much better on your exams. Study hard and study for as long as you can, but sleep is not where you should be taking study time from. That video game, book, movie, or netflix show will still be there when exams are done. Your priority to make exam day good is get lots of sleep the night before. Prioritize sleep over last-minute studying. If you have studied well before your exam the extra hour of sleep will help you remember what you’ve learned much more effectively than cramming an extra hour of studying will.  

Eat Well

There will be plenty of time to have celebration food after your exam, right before the exam it’s important that you eat something, ideally, something good for you. Eggs are an easy and delicious choice, fruit and leafy greens are also very valuable and nutritious. Having a full stomach means that the brain has access to the nutrients it needs to function properly. Also, being hungry affects your ability to think clearly. Taking the time to eat healthy is an important part of exam success.

Give Yourself Time

Giving yourself time in the morning before an exam also helps you make exam day successful. Exams are stressful enough without having to run to catch a bus or worry you can’t find the room it’s being written in. I make a habit of giving myself extra time to get ready on exam days. This reduces my stress considerably as I can use the time getting ready to clear my head and calm myself.

Address Personal Hygiene

Time is short during exam period and so why would personal hygiene be on this list? This is because failing to address some of your basic physical needs will have an adverse affect on your headspace. Taking the time to take care of yourself, shower, brush your teeth, whatever you need to do to, will improve your mental state and therefore your exam results. Not to mention the fact that the people sitting around you will be grateful.

Get Dressed

People love the idea that they can go write exams in their pyjamas. Don’t do this, you are not going to this exam to sleep or relax, it is a time that you need to be sharp. Instead, wear something comfortable but still presentable. The little confidence boost you get by not looking like you rolled out of bed to get to the exam will do wonders for your headspace. Even if it’s just jeans and a t-shirt, looking confident and prepared will help you actually be confident and prepared.

Go Easy on Yourself

There’s a lot of things to do that I have listed in this post, not to mention that time will be in short supply and I haven’t even mentioned actual studying. The key is to give yourself grace when things inevitably get missed. You may miss a meal, forget to shower or miss a concept while studying. At the end of the day, we are all human and we’re all going to miss things, what is important is that you don’t beat yourself up when you do. So much of exam success is connected to keeping your stress down which lets you learn material and write exams well. In the end, things might go wrong and will be stressful but by doing these 6 things you can ensure your headspace is good and the day of the exam gives you as little stress as possible.

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