You may have read our post about how getting some exercise helps your body and brain! However, for home bodies, getting on a bike or joining a sports team may be a little daunting. If you are nervous about where to start, I have a tip – start with going on walks. Now, walks might have a reputation for being boring. But, fortunately, they don’t have to be! Here are some tips which make going for a simple walk exciting and fun.

  1. Have a destination. Whether it be a park, a coffee shop, or a friend’s house, give your walk a purpose by having a goal at the end. You could even use the destination as a reward, like grabbing an ice cream at an ice cream parlour!
  2. Try and convince friends to come. Everything’s better with other people, especially if you’re an extrovert like me. Walks are the perfect time to catch up with old friends, or just have a nice chat.
  3. Download music or podcasts. Being alone can be fun too! Listen to something you love, and the time will fly by!
  4.  Make up a game to play while walking. Count the number of blue cars that you see. Look for shapes in the clouds. Classify front porches into categories. Anything can be a fun game if you try hard enough.
  5. Bring a camera, or your phone. Take pictures of interesting things that you see along the way. This is also a great way to explore your photography skills!
  6. Act like a tourist! If you are in a big city, go to the places that tourists always go. See your city from a different angle.
  7. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Embrace the amazing combination of fresh air and light exercise!

So I encourage you to go on a walk today. You may find that you really like it. Look at this blog from earlier this month to find even more activities that may interest you.

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