Creativity is sometimes overlooked. Still, I believe that working creatively can revitalize a worn down spirit. I understand that those of you who don’t feel like a creative person may feel uncomfortable with this idea. I’m here to tell you that you are creative, you simply have yet to find your muse. 

Find inspiration at home. There is a docu-series called Abstract: The Art of Design which can be found on Netflix. The series focuses on different designers and how they work, with episodes focusing on illustration, architecture, automotive design and much more. Watching a series like this can help to bring you some creative inspiration to a person who may feel as though they are in a creative rut. Inspiration can also come off YouTube videos, instagram, or even google. Try searching for something that interests you, like fashion, photography or music.

Go outside. If you cannot find inspiration on the internet, try and find some in the real world. Some of my favourite places to do this are places with plenty of people and animals (parks, campus, city streets), thrift stores with strange knick-knacks and old clothing, or somewhere you have an emotional attachment or strong memories. Look for things that inspire you to create something. 

Practice something. You cannot expect to be a creative genius from the get go. Start small. Try drawing simple facial expressions from references, learning a couple chords on your dusty guitar, writing down some verses of a poem or break out some paint and brushes. You don’t have to show anyone. Just see what you can do. 

Express yourself. Creativity is a great way to let out strong emotions. When school is stressing you out, take a creativity break. Try and see what can come out of great feelings of joy, sadness or even frustration. 

Think outside the box. When people think of creativity, often the idea of visual arts or music comes to mind. This does not have to be the case. If that is not something you feel comfortable with, try and find creativity in things you already love. For example, if you like video games, try playing something with creative elements. If you like sports or outdoor activities, try making up a new game. If you like science and technology, borrow a camera and lens from someone and figure out the physics which makes a camera work. Your knowledge of other areas may actually help you to come up with something unique through your creative endeavours. 

The next time school, work, or every day life is leaving you drained, try some of these tips. Go out and get inspired today!

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