Studying can be boring and hard if you are not interested in the class. However, if you are interested in a class studying can feel like a breeze and more of a hobby than a task. Obviously, we can only choose a portion of our classes and many programs have few electives. Nevertheless, whenever you have an option to choose your class you need to take full advantage of that opportunity. When faced with picking an elective, students often choose the easiest possible course, which is often a course they are not interested in. While it is important you don’t choose too hard an elective, at the same time choosing an interesting course can increase your motivation and prove easier than expected. You are also more likely to retain the information if you are actually interested in the material. Here is a list of some of my favourite courses I have taken that have sparked my enthusiasm in the subject. 


I had very high expectations for this course and it did not disappoint! Not an easy course, but my favourite course I have taken so far. Genetics is a perfect mixture of memorization and problem solving that is just as interesting as it is challenging. You get to explore many of the fascinating experiments that lead to our understanding of genetics today. Many of the fundamental concepts of heredity were developed long before DNA was even discovered. Statistics and math are also integrated into genetics, so students with backgrounds in these fields may have an advantage.

Introductory Psychology

I always thought psychology was interesting, but I didn’t realize how truly fascinating it was until I took an elective in it. Psychology has a very dark past full of unethical experiments that led to new psychological theories as well as establishment of ethical standards. Introductory psychology courses give you a good overview of social psychology, neuropsychology, perception, human development and much more. Normally it is impossible for me to stay attentive during a 3 hour evening lecture, but this course captured my full attention. 


Believe me I am just as surprised as you that this made the list. I came into accounting expecting the worst, but I was pleasantly surprised. Accounting is definitely not for everyone, but if you are interested in the flow of money in a company and financial decision making, accounting may be the course for you. Introductory accounting does not involve difficult math. If you spend the time to understand the concepts, solving problems on assignments and exams comes easily. There is something strangely satisfying about having your accounts balance or putting the finishing touches on an income statement. Just remember debits on the left and credits on the right!

You may want to try one of these courses in your university career. I encourage you to branch out and try subjects you may not think you would like. Find something you are interested in and pursue it. Maybe you can even turn it into a minor or switch into it. Next time you choose an elective think about what you find interesting not just what is easy!

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