Entrepreneurship is something that many people idly dream of. While most people aren’t actively looking for the next big idea, we almost all secretly hope that somehow we will find it. Maybe some of you who are reading this are thinking “Well, I would love to be an entrepreneur someday, but not while I’m in school!” I’m here to tell you that being a student and an entrepreneur can actually go hand in hand, and you don’t need some big idea to start. I’m not saying that you have to to try to start a multi million dollar, international enterprise, but it’s a great time to start thinking. 

Try and figure out your marketable skills. Are you good with a camera? Can you make nice art? Do you build with wood? Can you sew? Knit? Code? Sing or play an instrument? What about tutoring? Could you babysit or nanny? Find your talents. You probably have at least one thing which could be helpful to someone else.

Start marketing yourself. Try advertising yourself as an affordable option for people who may not be able to / may not want to hire a professional. Don’t try to expand your reach too far, in the beginning keep it within your network. Approach someone who may appreciate your service, and go from there. 

Don’t try to rely on this income in the beginning. I have run my own small businesses and ventures throughout the years, and I try my best to treat it as supplementary income, while not letting it interfere with my schooling and work. I suggest picking up your DJ gigs on the weekend or trying your hand at tutoring after work or school. If you are finding a lot of success in your venture, or are really enjoying it, then feel free to start looking into making it into a full time job

Entrepreneurship is an amazing way to show your drive and initiative. Having your own ventures on a resume may help you to be a standout candidate in the pursuit of a summer job, or a full time job post graduation. For a real step up, pursue a venture in your field of study / work! 

Entrepreneurship as a career is a tough route that few will successfully navigate. But, it can also be an amazing way to pursue your weekend passions while making a little extra cash on the side! If you have time this school year, try your hand at entrepreneurship and find your passions along the way!

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