The tension just builds the whole week before,
you feel your heart pound, can’t take it anymore. 
You just need to conquer this one simple day,
and once it is over, you can be on your way.

It is soon, for your school term, the day of the first,
and in every nightmare it’s progressively worse.
You’re scared you’ll be late, or get lost while on route,
your heart full of dread and your brain full of doubt.

On the eve of that day, you toss and you turn,
and your thoughts are all jumbled and hard to discern.
Will you make it to class, will you even survive?
Or will you make some new friends and hopefully thrive?

You get up so early, a frog in your throat,
but also excitement, can you even emote?
You put on a nice outfit and gather your lunch,
today won’t be awful, you have a good hunch. 

You get to your class, you’re calm and on time, 
but your brain is still scared it will change on a dime.
Alas! An old friend, or a familiar face, 
you’ve encountered this person, you’re in the same race.

You engage in small talk, and you feel your fears ebb,
you are making connections, you’re part of a web.
Your teacher comes in, greets you all with a smile,
you regard your progression, you’ve moved forward a mile.

The professor is nice, and the class seems exciting,
you quickly remember that school is delighting.
You navigate campus with grace and with ease,
this day is fantastic, it’s everything you please.

Learning is great, and oh-so-rewarding,
it does not have to be so stressful or boring. 
You’ll meet friends and find success in some way,
you just have to make sure your fear is at bay.

So try to remember, there’s no sense in fretting
fearing, not sleeping, and generally sweating,
you’ll surely succeed, there is no other way,
so, go forth and conquer your school year’s first day!

Roses are red, violets are blue.

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