In today’s society, we’re all at least a little bit addicted to our phones. Although our phones can sometimes be super distracting, they’re also a great tool to help you succeed in school, and useful in daily life. Here are 6 apps that I think all students should have. 


It’s likely that your school has given you an e-mail address to contact your professors with. One of the best ways to stay on top of updates and announcements that your professors send is through e-mail. Your professors will tell you to check your e-mail daily, but who wants to login to their e-mail everyday? Why not download an app? I use e-mail apps to enable notifications from my school’s website, as well as use the calendar to track all of my assignment due dates. 

Document sharing and organization

I often struggle to organize my notes and assignments and end up searching my computer for way longer than I should to find what I’m looking for. Having an app that allows me to organize documents, work with groups on shared documents, and sort assignments into folders helps a lot! 

Study apps

Do you find long study sessions draining? You’re not alone. I find it much easier to study for a few minutes at a time, while I’m waiting for my morning coffee or taking a bus to school. The Minute School app allows you to study concepts and practice questions to prepare for your exams, and it takes way less time than traditional study techniques. 


Having a navigation app on my phone saved my life in first year. I could type in anywhere I wanted to go on campus, and it would give me the various bus routes I could take to get there. All of my school’s buildings are recognized by the app, so I could even use it to navigate from building to building on campus. 

Professional networking

Being a co-op student, this one is near and dear to my heart. I use apps that allow me to create a virtual resume and to connect with my professors and employers. 


Having a banking app is a great way to stay on top of your finances. Whether you’re paying tuition, depositing cheques, sending e-transfers, or tracking your spending to stay within your budget, a banking app can help you do it. 

I have found these types of apps to be super useful in various aspects of my student lifestyle, and I hope you do too.

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