So you waited to study ’til the last minute? I get it. Sometimes procrastination gets the best of us, and you find yourself with less than 24 hours left to study for an exam. Here’s how to perform best with the little time you have left:

START NOW. Get rid of all distractions, turn your phone off, find a quiet room, and buckle down.

Create a ‘cheat sheet’ of formulas you need to remember, and topics you’re having trouble remembering. This can be the last thing you review before you head into the exam.

Test yourself. There’s no way to know if you have learned anything unless you evaluate yourself. Minute School’s AI assessed feedback makes this easy.

Take breaks! Even though you have very few hours left to study, you’ll burnout if you try to use every last minute to review.

Study everywhere you’ll be in the next 24 hours, and when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. Review key terms in the shower, watch video lessons before bed, do practice questions with Minute School on the bus. Nowhere is off limits.

Get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping has been proven to improve memory, and honestly, if you don’t know something right before bed, you probably won’t know it in the morning, so try to get some rest. And….Good luck!

Only have a few hours left to study?

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Minute School is a cross-platform software application that provides short lessons, practice questions and AI-assessed feedback for your school’s courses.

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