With the weather getting colder and the days getting shorter, it’s easy to fall into a slump. Personally, cold weather makes me want to bundle up in layers of blankets and forget about my responsibilities. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real, and pulling yourself out of this can certainly be difficult. Here are a few tips I have found that help diminish my SAD symptoms.

Soak Up the Sun

Depending on where you live, autumn means that the days begin to shorten and the hours of sunlight are lessening. One of the things I love to do in the colder seasons is to wake up a bit earlier so I make sure I get to enjoy the sun as long as it’s out. I also really love watching the sunset. Light therapy has been shown to improve symptoms of SAD, so it’s actually scientifically proven that enjoying the sun while it’s out will help improve your mood. Getting some fresh air is an added bonus to this tip. 

Eat Better, Feel Better

I’m sure you’ve heard this one a million times, but eating healthy really does help improve your mood. Eating junk food all the time is only going to make you feel worse. As well, as the hours of sunlight diminish, it may be time to start thinking about taking vitamins, specifically, vitamin D. Vitamin D is produced much slower in the winter months, as our main source is the sun. You can also find food that are rich in vitamins to incorporate into your diet.

Stay Active 

Exercise can be a huge mood booster. Although it can be really hard in the colder seasons to motivate yourself to leave the house and go to the gym, making an effort to add some activity into your day can really help. I really enjoy playing dance video games, or doing 5 minute, high-intensity workouts at home. 

Take a Few Days Off

It’s totally okay to admit you need a day off every now and then. Taking time to rest and recover will be worth it in the end. If you are not feeling well and having a difficult time doing daily tasks and activities, please go see your doctor or a health professional.

Many people are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, so there is no shame in feeling a little off as colder weather approaches. Hopefully some simple lifestyle adjustments can make you feel at least a little bit better.

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