Beach Days for Students

Summer is a great time to catch up on school or work a summer job, but what about taking a day off? Being a busy student, taking days for yourself is important! Why not take a day...

7 Tips to Make Walking Fun

You may have read our post about how getting some exercise helps your body and brain! However, for home bodies, getting on a bike or joining a sports team may be a little daunting. If you are...

Finding the Perfect Summer Job

Finding a summer job as a student can be very tough, especially for those of us without relevant work experience. We have all experienced the annoyance and stress of scrolling through job boards for hours on end only...

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Better Marks in Minutes

Minute School is a cross-platform software application that provides short lessons, practice questions and AI-assessed feedback for your school’s courses. Schedule your exams and study from expert reviewed content, making exam prep easier than ever!

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