Whether you start school mid-August or immediately following labour day, summer is coming to a close. With a new school term (and a cooler weather) fast approaching, it is important to fully embrace these last few weeks of sun and freedom. Here are some tips to make sure you make the most of your precious time. 

  1. Enjoy your evenings and weekends! Sometimes a summer job can make it feel like you aren’t really experiencing summer. However, full time work generally means no homework! You have entire evenings and weekends to yourself, so try and fit summer activities into these time slots! I recommend going to the beach or a lake, taking a little weekend road trip, going on a quick camping trip, hitting up some hiking trails, or even just having a campfire at home.
  2. Start subtly prepping for autumn. You don’t have to break out your textbooks quite yet, but it may be helpful to start doing little things to help your mind prepare. Try and revert to a normal sleep schedule or engage in educational content relating to your major. Of course, if you wanted to delve in more fully, Minute School is always ready to help you start learning.
  3. Spend time with friends that are away during school terms. Often, your friends from high school will be back in your hometown for the summer. Make the most of being together with them and try to schedule as many hang-outs as you can before you all go back to your respective schools! 
  4. Finish off your summer projects. At the beginning of summer you might have thought of some summer goals that got pushed aside as the months wore on. Try and get back to work so you can complete all your goals. Setting deadlines will not only help you finish your projects, but also put you into school mode!

How are you making the most of these last few glorious days? Tell us in the comments! 


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