For many students, going to college or university is equivalent to living away from home. Some travel to another city, others travel across the country, and international students leave their own country for another. Getting distance from a familiar environment, family, and friends can be hard. Sometimes when you are by yourself, you may want to take a break from studying and simply enjoy the present moment of being alone. Here are some things I love doing on my own, and I hope you will have fun doing them, too.

My go-to: Music

I rely on music just as much as a snail needs its shell. There are countless types of music out there: pop-music, rock, hip-pop, and many more. For me, my go-to is instrumental music — classical guitar and piano. It is peaceful and soothing, which is just right for this quiet moment when I am alone. If you are also a lover of instrumental music and slow songs, check out jwcfree, he is a talented guitarist and covers a wide range of songs. Also, try playing the songs with a speaker; you can relax better and indulge yourself in the flow of melody.

Most Time-Worthy: Cooking & Baking

Sometimes, when I want to treat myself, I cook. There are many student-friendly recipes online that are quick and easy and require only simple ingredients (also, check out delicious vegetarian recipes). Baking is another option; it is usually more fun but takes more time. But, it is also a time optimization trick — you can make large portions and stock them up, so you will not have to worry about cooking for the next several days.

Most Relaxing & Satisfying: Something You Love

When you are alone and do not want to do anything school-related, isn’t that is the perfect time to do things you enjoy? Normally, you are busy finishing to-do’s on your daily plan, now, when you have time for something else, why shouldn’t you take a break from all the plans and treat yourself? For me, reading non-fiction and watching movies are great for relaxation and mental satisfaction. If you feel like doing something more productive, consider writing, drawing, podcasts, or even learning life or study hacks through online videos. They are fun and inspiring.

There are many more ways to spend your free time – make it fun and productive. Try experimenting with it and have fun! Also, keep in mind, you are not the only one. There are many people, just like you, have left home for many different reasons. Keep your spirit up and enjoy every moment of your student life.

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